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I have been playing with “Hot Spot” nymphs lately.  Adding some green, red or pink to the fly as an attractor.  There is a great deal of discussion on this lately on the blogs and boards.  One thing I read is that it is best to just have one “hot” area on the fly instead of two as it can be distracting and confusing to the fish.  The other that I read is that flies change colors as they move through the water column and on flys that are to be fished deeper or in cloudy water can benefit from a little color.  While I am still working out the details on the tying videos I made this video last night while testing another camera.  I promise the video quality will improve.

Yes I did mix up the order a bit on tying in the rib but hopefully this one is still useful.  It is a bit of a cross between a hare’s ear and a Posse bugger.  I love this wet fly style on nymphs, I am catching fish on the drift and some of the biggest on the swing.

Hot Spot Hare’s Ear Pattern:
Hook: TMC 3761 #8-16
Bead: Gold Brass or Tungsten, appropriate to hook size
Weight: Couple wraps of lead or substitute
Thread: Black/Red/Rust/Hot Pink/Doesn’t Really Matter…
Body: Hare’s Ear Dubbing Natural
Tail: Hare’s Ear
Rib: Gold Wire
Hackle: Partridge
Hot Spot: Flashy Red Dubbing
Collar: Black UV Dubbing

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  1. Bean Rice Cheese says:

    Keep em coming. Maybe some audio?

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