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Organize Your Tying


The reason I took a 15 year hiatus from tying flies, my one true passion in life, was due to burn out.  It didn’t take long tying commercially before I hated my favorite hobby.  In time, I have learned a

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Fly Du Jour Pattern Alternative

In prepping for an upcoming steelhead trip, I was provided a list of recommended flies from our guide Vail Borne of  There were many familiar patterns on the list but there was one that I had never heard of

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Never Tie Flies on Barbless Hooks, Catch and Return Fishing

Yes, that is what I say, NEVER, use barbless hooks when fly fishing.  I know this is not politically correct, and I am likely breaking laws just by talking about it, but it is a personal rule of mine.  I developed

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Nor-Vise Dubbing Brush (using Thread instead of wire)

    I am currently reading Dave Hughes’ book on Wet Flies. He talks a great deal about building pre-spun “flymph” bodies using a variety of techniques and tools. I have been using this technique on the Nor-Vise with the

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Caddis Sparkle Pupa

I was recently on a fly fishing trip out to the metolius river and came across a pattern that I remember trying to tie in my youth.  The Caddis Sparkle Pupa, there was nearly an entire bin dedicated to this

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Flashback/Epoxy-Back Pheasant Tail Nymph

A great Callibaetis imitation for the lakes.   It can be tied with or without a bead head.   Lead can be added to the abdomin but be careful of extra bulk.  Simple quick and effective.  

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The Worlds Largest Free Fly Pattern Database – Google Image Search

One of my favorite things to do is to search the web for new and interesting fly patterns to tie.  I often use the google image search function to quickly locate patterns that look like they would be fun to

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East Lake Report

I fished East Lake just south of Bend Oregon on Sunday to test out some new patterns.  This was my first trip back to East since my guided trip last fall.  I was operating without a depth finder but remembered

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