Nor-Vise Dubbing Brush (using Thread instead of wire)



Dubbing Brush Body Green Butt Skunk

Dubbing Brush Body Green Butt Skunk


I am currently reading Dave Hughes’ book on Wet Flies. He talks a great deal about building pre-spun “flymph” bodies using a variety of techniques and tools. I have been using this technique on the Nor-Vise with the dubbing brush table to build some really great trout and steelhead fly bodies. It is a perfect technique when you don’t want to use wire or deal with building a multi-material traditional dubbing loop. The Nor-Vise table is a really great platform to work with and pre-spin nice buggy bodies that go on like chenille but look like they were dubbed by a master.


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  1. Thanks Brian. Keep tying! And keep sharing your work. We love to see your flies.

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  1. […] “Something Purple” was the answer to the daily question of what to tie on.  I fished with two veterans of the D and a new guy who made up for a lack of experience with tenacity and total commitment.  We set off on a four-day trip on a Thursday at 4AM under cloudy skies that threatened rain; perfect fall steelhead weather.  We were guided by Vail of River Borne Outfitters and his staff.  At the put-in we strung up rods and decided “teams” for the day and headed down the river.  I handed Vail my fly box(esss) and he selected a Green Butt Skunk and said floating line.  It was pretty cool that out of the 3 dozen green butt’s I had in the box he selected the one I literally tied for the article: […]

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