Fly Du Jour Pattern Alternative

An alternative adjustment to Fly Du Jour Pattern

An alternative adjustment to Fly Du Jour Pattern

In prepping for an upcoming steelhead trip, I was provided a list of recommended flies from our guide Vail Borne of  There were many familiar patterns on the list but there was one that I had never heard of and it looked like the perfect fly for Deschutes River Steelhead.

As I researched I learned it uses a material called “Pink Edge Bright”.  It turns out this material is no longer available, at least in Pink which appears to be the magic color for this pattern.  So, I decided to try out some different ideas to replicate that hot pink butt on the fly.  I believe I have arrived at an acceptable substitute, it will be a few more weeks before I have a chance to prove my theory.  Let me know what you think.

Fly du Jour

Hook: Steelhead Up Eye
Thread: Red Uni 8/0
Tag: Uni HOLO Silver
Butt: Pink Floss Under Clear Cure Goo Fleck
Body: Ice Dub, Purple
Rib: Flat Silver Myla or Silver HOLO by UTC
Hackle: Purple Saddle
Wing:  Selected Hair Wing, Calf Body
Under Wing: Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash, Cerise KF02
Head:  Red under Cleare Cure Goo Hydro


Green Butt Skunk Version

Green Butt Skunk Under UV

Green Butt Skunk Under UV

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2 comments on “Fly Du Jour Pattern Alternative
  1. Dan Wight says:

    No worries mate! That is the beauty of being a fly tier. Substitution is the name of the game since whatever product you may have discovered and used for the pattern you use may be on the closeout rack tomorrow. Necessity is the mother of invention or so I have been told. I find that tying in styles rather than absolutes is a more practical way to look at the issues we face at the vise. Just keep on experimenting!

  2. Mike Dawson says:

    I think this would also work well for Atlantic salmon and seatrout(searun browns) especially in lowlight conditions.

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