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My response to the inquiry was; “something I made up”.  Over the past few weeks I have been tying to fulfill a long list of “trad” flies for my upcoming Lower D trip and I just have been feeling the need to design something a little more outside the box.  Steelhead intruders are really the greatest opportunity to do such a thing.

It is kind of like playing chess with yourself, add something, walk away, add something more…  I read on a blog post today that said; if you are doing your job your fly will last until you catch a tree.  These are flies that will last years, even a lifetime…  They are the perfect winter time hobby and today it is clear, fall is coming.

You can argue that choosing the right Steelhead fly, really matters and others will argue that the old GBS will get you where you need to go.  At the end of the day we all know that chasing chrome on a fly can be a rather frustrating endeavor if you take yourself too seriously.   I heard some good advice today at a local shop; tie something that looks fishy and fish it sun up till sun down and only then consider changing your fly, wash and repeat.

I would have a tough time arguing if I prefer to stand in 33 degree water,  shuffling my feet 5′ every 5 minutes chasing something that may or may not actually be there or sitting at home, scotch in hand, maybe a PBR backer inventing creative shit that in my opinion if I was a fish I would eat.

When tying new patterns I spend as much time imagining it hanging out of a big steele’s mouth as I do,  handing the pattern to some poor guy decked head to foot in the latest Simms gear as the first snow begins to fall on another winter season.   I understand that guy, and given the opportunity I will find pleasure giving him hope if I ever get the chance.

I regularly appreciate a friend of mine who includes with every email the tag:  “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”  ~John Buchan

While I rarely connect with a corny email signature that one in particular, every time I see it, sums up so much about my life and my new “re-found” passion.

Today’s advice, color outside the lines folks.  You may catch something, you may not, but in either case; may your “soul be refilled” in the process.  That is a quote from another solid friend and angler.




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One comment on “What’s that?
  1. Gary Cima says:

    THAT is a fish-grabber! I can see Mr. Steelie grabbing it on the swing!

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