Tying the Steelhead Coachman – Herl and Rib Bodies on the Nor-Vise


Steelhead Coachman

Yet another fly I could find no reference to on the net, literally only 3 photos that were less than ideal.  I believe this is an http://www.idylwilde.com/ pattern because I can’t find a recipe anywhere.  It was on my list so I bought one at a local store to replicate.  Pretty simple I think; standard hair wing.

There are a couple of tip and trick/techniques that I filmed that apply to this particular fly.  Forgive the mistakes as it was my first try with a camera between me and the vise, awkward.

Rough Pattern; Steelhead Coachman

Hook: standard salmon/steelhead in the smaller sizes 4,6,8,10
Thread: Rusty Brown
Tail: Amherst Yellow
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Small Oval Silver
Hackle: Brown Saddle but I think Idyl is using something more exotic
Wing: Calf Body
Something Extra if you please: 2-3 strands of Perl flash, I like 3
Head: Clear Cure Goo Hydro


Herl Bodies with the Nor-Vise


Fly Ribs with the Nor-Vise

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One comment on “Tying the Steelhead Coachman – Herl and Rib Bodies on the Nor-Vise
  1. Galan C says:

    GREAT videos!!! Good touch to an already great blog! Keep ’em coming!

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