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Trad Flies on Pro Tubes GBS Tube


I had some fun today playing around with some Pro Tubes.  The goal was to tie some really small and sparse traditional flies, to date all of my tubes have been large intruders.  I think these turned out ok.  It

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MOAL with the Nor-Vise – New and Improved!

As an update to my previous post Holy MOALY! I have come up with the solution to tying articulated patterns on the Nor-Vise without two vises!  You may not be excited about this but I AM.  Many sleepless nights went

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Throwback Thursday – Secrets from Master Fly Tiers Circa 1996

– Read PDF Article Here – I ran across this old article the other day.  For the life of me I cannot even remember what magazine it is from but some of the thoughts still hold true I guess.  I

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Hair Stacker 101

Fact:  The bell on hair stackers is misleading and pointless!  It is counter productive and creates frustration and ugly flies.  This one “little trick” will make you famous, skinny AND good looking! The problem is that when you insert fibers

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East Lake Action

A friend and I were struggling on heading to the Lower D for Steelhead or something else….  Given the river is still clearing and reports are marginal we opted for something else. Reports from the high lakes have been mixed

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