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A friend and I were struggling on heading to the Lower D for Steelhead or something else….  Given the river is still clearing and reports are marginal we opted for something else.

Reports from the high lakes have been mixed but I have heard many reports of BIG fish.  I don’t think we hooked any monsters today but I actually broke off more big fish than I can remember in a very long time.  I ran out of my new favorite lake dry, the callibaetis cripple and I showed up with 4.

Most of the biggest fish were taken on dries and all still had plenty of fight left even this late in a very warm season.  Traffic on the lake was light and from the gear fishers we talked to we had an exceptionally good day.

I actually had one fish at the boat when it turned and Mark said, “that is a big fish”, it promptly turned ran and blew up the $20 reel I so proudly fish dries with and it was gone.  Mark then said, we are stopping on the way home and getting you a new reel because that is the second fish you have lost because of that thing today….

It was a great day, we stopped taking photos of the fish after the first dozen and were glad when we had LDR’s (Long distance releases) by 2PM.  We worked back into the hole and Mark put some really spectacular long dry fly casts back into some very fishy water while I rowed against a swirling wind.

He made a cast, bounced his fly perfectly off a rock and it landed in the middle of the only deep pool.  We both knew a fish was in there.  Strike and a fight ensued, after a minute or two, it was another LDR when it buried itself in the weeds but really highlighted why dry fishing, even in a lake is such a blast.  What a great day in Central Oregon!

DSC00155 DSC00158 DSC00164 DSC00167

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