MOAL with the Nor-Vise – New and Improved!


As an update to my previous post Holy MOALY! I have come up with the solution to tying articulated patterns on the Nor-Vise without two vises!  You may not be excited about this but I AM.  Many sleepless nights went into this ultimately elegant solution.  There is probably a better way to tie rabbit onto gel-spun backing but I have not come up with one.  All of the notes for the most part apply from the original post.  The Nor-Vise shines through again as an adaptable tool that can solve nearly all of tyeflying’s most complicated problems.

Additional Learnings Since Post #1 on tying the MOAL:

1. Tie in various lengths
2. Cut the tip and the barb off of your front hook before ever even putting it into the vise!
3. Tape off your trailing hook to prevent finger sticks.
4. Avoid the nightmare in the first place and just tie on three seperate short tubes even though this method while effective is cheating.

Cheers – BW

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