Magic Green Caddis

Magic Green Caddis

Magic Green Caddis

This fly is my favorite Mckenzie Green Caddis pattern.  The name “Magic” green Caddis came one rainy day in the spring fishing below Hayden Bridge on the McKenzie, it is a flashy fly and was bringing trout to the top in a heavy down pour.  I tie this in purple (purple ice dub) as well with a grizzly hackle.  I honestly don’t remember where or how I came up with it but the CDC plus the hair wing is the trick.  There are a few tricks included in this video, one is the inverting of the fly when whip finishing.  This helps when you have a large head and are having trouble getting those last few wraps on there.

 Hook: 1x long dry fly size 14-18
Thread: Veevus 16/0 olive (minimum bulk thread)
Body: Olive Ice Dub
Underwing: Olive CDC
Wing: Select Deer Hair Stacked
Hackle: Furnace Brown 1.5x hook gap
Wax: Natural Beeswax or Wilson’s Wonder Wax

*Head cement optional

Youtube video link:



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