Czech Seed Bead Caddis Emerger

Seed Bead Caddis Emerger

Seed Bead Caddis Emerger

This is an adapted version of a traditional Caddis Emerger pattern using Czech glass seed beads. It can be tied in many colors and combinations to meet the needs of the water you are fishing. Most of the beads that you can buy are still pretty big so size 14 is about the smallest I have been able to tie in this style. I have also tied this in larger sizes using bright green beads for Deschutes River Steelhead. It is a great representation dry and even more so when wet.

Thread: Veevus 12/0
Hook:  TMC 2457 Emerger/Scud Hook (or similar)
Abdomen: Small Dark Colored Czech Seed Beads + Olive Hare’s Ear Dubbing Rib
Wing: Hungarian Partridge Feather
Thorax: Olive or Dark Hare’s Ear Dubbing (Picked )
Wing case: Olive, Black or Brown Mottled Thin Skin
Wax: *Optional




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