Seed Bead Rubber Leg Stimulator

Seed Bead Head Stimulator

Seed Bead Head Stimulator

I will close the series on enhancing your flies with Glass or Plastic “Seed” beads with this improved Stimulator dry-fly.  As we begin to think about Salmon Fly season mere months away, this is a perfect pattern for bringing a monster from the depths.  Using these beads has been used historically on wet flies but I find they also work as great heads (and butts) on dry flies as well.

I did not video this one as it is simply a standard Stimulator with a bright red glass bead threaded first onto the hook before tying.  Keep the thread wraps to a minimum when finishing off the head behind the bead for a nice clean look.  I also added some rubber legs and an angel hair over-wing for some additional spice.  This is a great classic pattern that is great as a top fly in a hopper dropper rig or tied small (down to 18 or even 20) for tail water searching action.  My other favorite color is purple abdomen with peacock ice dubbing thorax.

Hook: TMC 200R Dry Fly Hook
Thread: 8/0 Black
Bead: Small Red or Orange Glass “Seed” Bead
Tail: Fine Deer or Elk Hair
Rib: Fine Gold or Silver Tinsel
Abdomen: Orange Dubbing
Abdomen Hackle:
Furnace Brown Hackle Gap Width or slightly smaller
Wing: Coarse Cow Elk
Over Wing: Angel Hair Trimmed Just Longer than Wing
Thorax: Yellow Dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly Standard Dry Fly Length

Hope that helps.



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