How to make furled leaders – Simple

Furled Leaders

Uni Thread Furled Leaders – Traditional and Tenkara

I have been researching furled leaders for the last few years. Every time I commit to figuring it out I am always overwhelmed in the complexity of the instructions. What I found is that the process is elementary simple but is quite difficult to explain.



I have boiled the process down to these summary instructions:

1. Wrap 6/0 uni thread around two fixed objects ~2.1-2.2x longer than your goal length.
2. Connect to a drill and spin clockwise until it begins to curl up on itself when tension is removed.
3. Fold the leader in half, and spin counterclockwise until it again begins to just start to curl on itself.
4. Insert a paper clip or similar in each end and let unfurl slowly
5. Tie a loop in each end, perfection loop is the easiest to begin with but work towards the shorb loop as it is much cleaner.

What you will end up with is a level leader which is perfect for making nymphing butt sections or level Tenkara leaders. I came up with this very simple method when I wanted to build some level furled leaders for my new Tenkara rod. I built up some 10′ levels in high-vis and drab colors and they work amazing. You can literally cast them by hand and they take only pennies to make. Once you get the concept you can move onto building a simple wood jig for making tapered versions.

Furled Leader Resources I found valuable:

How to Make a Shorb Loop PDF

 Furling Illustration

Here are the specifications for the jig I built

It may be obvious to everyone but me but 88″ doesn’t equal 9.5′.  It took me a while to figure this out.  The dimensions will build you a ~7′ leader that you can then add about 2.5′ of tippet material.


Other Notes and observations:

  • For a level Tenkara or Nymphing butt sections, I like to build a 3 wrap 6/0 that is about 9-12′.
  • You can loop thingamabobbers on just like you would on mono and they NEVER move!
  • Multicolored leaders look very cool and are not much more challenging but I will do a video on the tricks soon.
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