Bright Sunny Days, Clear Water and Red Flies

Red Copper Top - Summer Steelhead Fly

Red Copper Top – Summer Steelhead Fly

As we head into the fall the color red has been on my mind.  My box really doesn’t have much red as I am usually all about the purple, black and blue.  I am one to worry about such things, and the thing I worry about most is not having the right fly.

As we all know, with Steelhead fishing, selecting the right fly is the absolute most important thing one can do beyond the basics like waking up alive enough to fish another day.

In my real life I spend a good bit of time working with data and I have been trying to come up with an analytic fly selection model that takes into account all of the variables; water temperature, air temperature, sediment composition, flow, change in flow, water clarity, barometric pressure, light, light direction and YOUR LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE IN A PARTICULAR FLY!  I have not yet solved the aforementioned problem but until I do, if it is sunny, summer and the water is clear I think this fly will be a good bet.


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One comment on “Bright Sunny Days, Clear Water and Red Flies
  1. Mark says:

    I like it. Perhaps we should give it a try next month. Looking forward to a little time on the D.

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