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This fly has been floating in my head since I first saw a picture of Dec Hogan’s B&O fly. Purple is one of my favorite Steelhead colors and red is a great compliment to the two tones of purple in this pattern. What I like so much about this pattern is that it doesn’t have a traditional wing which makes it a better combination for a brighter day once the sun gets a bit higher in the sky. This will create a dark silhouette against the bright summer sky. I like the name RMP as that is the name of a NYPD police cruiser; Radio Mobile Patrol. Dec Hogan is a Fire Fighter and ties a fly called the Pompier (Fireman in French) I work in Law Enforcement so I thought this variation of his B&O is appropriately named. I just acquired my first 4 x 5 x 2 Model 1461 Richard (RW) Wheatley fly box and this will be the first of 30 additions to it. These flies will be for fishing, not for show; they will attempt to bridge the gap between a 3 day atlantic salmon fly and a 5 minute chenille based GBS. I look forward to sharing the progress of the completed fly box.  Thank you to Amy Hazel at Deschutes Angler for helping me out in selecting just the right box: http://www.deschutesangler.com/wheatley-fly-box/

Pattern Details

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey, Silver
Tag: Purple Floss, Silver Oval Tinsel
Body Rear: Angora Red Dubbed
Body Rear Hackle: Three Turns Bright Purple Saddle
Body Front: Angora Purple Dubbing Loop Brushed
Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel
Cheeks: Jungle Cock (optional)
Hackle: Dark Purple Schlappen
Horns: Lady Amherst – White
Thread: Purple 8/0

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  1. mark says:

    I dig it.

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