Wetlander Bottom Coating on a Driftboat


A good friend of mine Rob Naughton of Pendleton Oregon has been telling me about his plans to upgrade his Willie Driftboat bottom from Gluvit to something a little higher tech.  He has been researching a specialty coating called Wetlander which he tells me was designed for use on airboats and race foils, because of it’s ultra slippery but durable properties.  Rob has always been a great mentor to me in my professional, personal and fishing life and he definitely did his research on this project.  I think the results look spectacular and I can’t wait to go for a ride in some skinny spring water.

Wetlander has a great video on their website of a dog trying to stand on a finished boat bottom and it is unable to even stand, this stuff is REALLY slick.  Rob agreed to let me post his great how-to video for the benefit of the Central Oregon drift boat crowd.  At the end of the video he has some great drift boating photos and some great music.  Enjoy!

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