Glo Bug – Clown Color


Glo Bug - Clown

Egg Fly Steel

This past year I experienced the power of the fly fishers PowerBait; McFLYFOAM eggs.  As many of the other videos on youtube will tell you this pattern is much more challenging to tie than it looks at first glance.  It takes incredibly strong thread, some luck and [my secret] superglue!  There are a number of variations that can be tied and I encourage you to tie some with tungsten beads for extra weight, veils also add extra fishiness.  I have historically tied this egg about a dozen different wasteful ways but after some internet research I think I finally perfected my process and I can crank them out almost faster than I lose them.  The video shows how I tie Steelhead sizes #6 and #8.  Smaller eggs for trout will need a smaller diameter barrel and less McFLYFOAM.  I will suggest that you do as I say and not as I do and don’t obsess about the perfectness of your sphere; you can honestly bind some yarn on a hook and do just as well.


McFLYFOAM GLO Bug – Steelhead Egg Fly

THREAD: Gel Spun (GSP) in White 50
HOOK: Dai-Riki 135 or other suitable glow bug hook
BODY: McFLYFOAM (color or mix of your choice)
CEMENT: Zap-A-Gap (Brush on)




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